Friday, 10 May 2013

DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Drill Review


A fine drill made by Dewalt a global leading manufacturer in the tool industry.A trusted name that  has produced some of the finest power tools to date. The Dewalt DC970K-2 is no exception to that trend, a lightweight,compact yet powerful drill that is capable of under taking most driving and drilling tasks asked of it. This drill would be a handy addition to any ones tool box. 


Manufacture Warranty  =   3 years   
Max Speed (RPM)      =    1500
Battery Type                =    NiCad
Charging Time          =    60 mins
Clutch Settings          =    17
Weight                        =    5.2 lbs
Max Power                 =    380 watts

Light Weight
Various clutch settings
Dual speed
Lengthy charge time
Expensive replacement battery

Our Verdict on the Dewalt DC970k-2

After using the Dewalt my overall verdict is that this drill is brilliant value for money and is extremely durable lightweight and comfortable to use. With its compact design it will fit into tight spaces making it an excellent companion to have on any job. It has a dual speed range, 17 clutch settings and a max power output of 380 watts, which means you can easily tackle almost every d.i.y project you can dream of in your home. For any Tradesman i would recommend buying the kit instead of the drill as a seperate unit. For the main reason the kit comes with two batteries which would be a must have on site with the Dewalts 60 minute charge time.

Final Rating : 9/10

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